Choosing the right attorney

For most people, it is very intimidating to call an attorney for whatever the reason may be. For most people, turning to an attorney is the last resort. Once you make the difficult decision to actually contact an attorney, there is the added stress of what to expect when you are choosing an attorney. The purpose of this article is to help understand the general process you may go through when choosing an attorney.

Normally, I get two questions when I speak with a potential client for the first time. The questions are: what are my rights?; and do I have a case? For both of these questions, I need basic information in order to
provide a response.

It is normal for a lawyer’s paralegal or legal assistant to gather the basic information necessary to give a preliminary response. The legal assistant or paralegal is instructed to ask specific questions depending on the type of case. Do not worry – your information is confidential or privileged even though you have not decided to hire that particular lawyer at that time.

Then, the lawyer will either speak to you over the phone or in person. The lawyer confirms the previous information gathered and often asks additional questions in order to tell you about your rights or tell you if they are willing to take your case.

It is normal for lawyers to study important documents before giving a final response to your questions. For example, in cases that involve personal injury, lawyers often study the medical records to answer your questions. Please remember that if a lawyer tells you that he or she will not take your case, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a case. You should always seek other legal opinions before deciding to give up on your case.

During this process, you will able to see whether the lawyer and lawyer’s staff will be a good fit for you. It is a great sign if you feel comfortable asking the lawyer questions, and you feel comfortable with the answers you are getting.

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